Summer recap. Backwards.

A backwards recap to my summer. Because who really wants to start from the beginning? 

 1. Being retweeted by Heather Dubrow. yeah. | 2. Finally getting home via airplane on time. | 3. My beautiful friend and her pops during father daughter dance. | 4. I made some jalapeno pesto. added it to my spaghetti. amazing. | 5. BOILED PEANUTS | 6. I turned 27. nbd. | 7. My bestie who came in town for my birthday! | 8. Too much baseball this season. Too much. | 9. Fam does NYC.

1. I made my own damn 'special' ramen. Ippudo can suck it.   | 2. I found the BEST paleo chocolate chip cookie recipe ever. | 3. I survived the heat wave in NYC. 105 temps. | 4. I mastered the fishtail braid. 25 years late. | 5. I watched the fireworks from NJ with Michelle. | 6. I watched the ENTIRE series of LOST. | 7. I found love. | 8. I told you...too much baseball. | 9. I MOVED TO NYC.

I think I had a great summer. Don't you?