I've pretty much booked myself solid for the next couple months. Thanksgiving is my first 'free' weekend. I'm thinking I will be staying here in the city to relax. Who says I can't cook Thanksgiving in my apartment and enjoy it??

I can't complain too much though because these weekends have been pretty epic so far.

Recap one:
Two of my besties came to NYC to party. And party we did. So much so that I couldn't even function at work on [last] Monday. You see, we used to party all the time together in DC, and then I up and left them. They still hold the fort down in that city, but I haven't quite figured out the whole 'I'll stay out till 4 in the morning and then be able to function the next day' thing.

Anyway. I picked the best pictures out of the weekend to explain it. [read: I didn't post the ones where we look/are blacked-out]

Friday night we made reservations at Papatzul. The margs and ceviche were delish, but everything else was just eh.

dinner shot. 
After dinner they convinced me to join them in their plans for the evening....flaming saddles. If you don't know about flaming saddles [in Hell's Kitchen], then you should get there right now. I can't link to the website because, well, I just can't. 

13 years we've been friends. 

here's a hint. 
After FS, we trekked over some avenues and headed to Penthaus after waiting in the VIP line to find out we weren't on the VIP list. Good thing we are cute, because we got let in anyway.

pretty much time to go home. 
Sunday was my favorite day. We made reservations at Ken and Cook for a boozy brunch. And we sat there for 4 hours boozing. The time limit was 2 hours. But for some reason we convinced them to let us stay. As if we needed it.

Then we went to take tequila shots.

Brilliant? No.

no clue what is going on here. 

my monday cocktail. 

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