new city game. come play?

I have started playing a new game these days in the city.

How many piles of human feces I can find a day.

You'd think it would be boring. And there wouldn't be that many piles throughout the day. But you're wrong.

There is a pile I can always count on. Right when you walk into the subway. Middle of the stairs. It's kind of like parting the sea. It's nice.

I spotted another one under a phone booth this morning. It's always so funny to me to see where people drop their drawers. No privacy anywhere on the sidewalks. So why try to hide it?

You guys want pics??

In other news, I am happy to tell you that I couldn't wait to get home this weekend after being in DC. I had such a great time catching up with friends, and eating at all my favorite places. BUT I wanted to get home to my new apartment, with my new job, and my new/old friends.

What a relief guys.

A couple instagram pics. In case you missed them.

Much needed sun. #pasty

oh Hello. 

nothing like a relaxing cup of iced coffee. 

this guy. we've been friends FOREVER. 

ladies night. and i feel alright.

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