birthday month!

August. This year is flying by. It feels like I just moved to NYC a couple weeks ago. Yet, it was almost THREE months ago.

I still have a shitload of work to do in my apartment. What is so funny about that is that it is only 300 SF so you would think it would be EASY to decorate/move in to. But, it isn't. I have gone through multiple designs in my head. And on paper. The constructor in me has measured, drawn, cut out pieces of paper, and moved my furniture more times than my downstairs neighbor would like.

I have a plan though. And it will take a couple weeks to execute. But I know it will be worth the hassle and time once it is complete. And then you can finally see my apartment. I might even have a house warming party. And you can send presents. [read: booze]

It'll probably be around Christmas. Since that is when my next free weekend is. Thank you wedding season. [yes, I am bitter about this]

Here are some inspirations for the upcoming apartment overhaul:

I love the mis-matching of wood grains and colors. So hopefully it comes together in real life like it does in my mind. 

Fingers crossed. 

I am also heading 'home' for the weekend. Home being DC. I'm a little nervous about it since I still miss it so much that I won't want to come back here. But I think it will be fun to visit it. And have that excitement that I never had when I lived there...

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