I admit...

I love plans. I like to know what I am doing, when I am doing it, and where. I don't like surprises.

I wish I did.

But the few times I do just go with the flow, I have the best time.

Like Saturday night.

I put on my new dress [the only article of clothing I have purchased this year], and did my hair. Put some make up on, which is SO not normal. And went to a restaurant I have been dying to try. Solo.

Solo dining is so empowering. There is that initial anxiety, but then you realize who gives a shit that I am eating alone. Yes, I have friends. Yes, I could have called for delivery. But, I wanted to eat out.

So I sat up at the bar, talked to the bartender, and drank and ate until I was ready to go meet my friends out.

The best part: most of it was free. I have also found that when a young lady goes out alone, she usually gets free shit. Maybe that is why I love doing it so often. I got what was called the 'VIP treatment.' It included Gruyere popovers, pickled veggies, chicken liver pate, assorted meat plate, truffle oil grilled cheese, and multiple martinis and port to finish off a fantastic night. Compliments of the manager.

chicken liver pate. 
Those pictures are the good and the bad. The popovers blew my mind. They give you the recipe on those little cards so you can try and recreate them at home. However, no one has succeeded. So even though you have their secrets, you will still fail. The chicken liver pate is not my thing. Pate has never been my thing. I don't know if I am just not fancy enough, or I don't have a taste for cat food, so I will leave that for others to consume.

I invited my new Canadian friend out with me but she had an early flight so she declined. Only after she took my picture. Look for that on the web.

Also, the bartender told me to stop in any time to grab a BAG of popovers. Totally taking him up on that offer.

Up next: ward III in TriBeCa. Amazing cocktails.