First NYC meltdown.

Everything has been hunky-dory here the last [almost] two months. My job is great. My friends are great. My apartment is small great. My couch is coming this week. Things are going good, my friends. 

Then Monday rolled around. And because I had spent the entire weekend enjoying myself, and not grocery shopping, I saved that for Monday after the gym.

I got a good workout in. Almost broke some guy's ankle when he tripped into my moving elliptical. And headed off to the good ol Trader Joe's.

If you live in NYC you know the TJ in Union Square is some form of purgatory. It's really small, but has all the sections crammed in there. So it is do-able. You don't go there to get the pleasurable shopping experience. You go there to wait in line.

I've somewhat mastered my execution of grocery shopping there. I shop the inside aisles [frozen fruit/coffee] then get in line. You see, the line wraps around the entire store. So once I am in line, I shop as it moves. Brilliant right? I know.

Well, Monday the line was 50 people long outside just to GET INTO THE STORE.

Not going to happen. There was no way, I could wait in line to get into the store to shop and think that the items I wanted to purchase would still be available. Plan B.

Whole Paycheck Foods. Minus the line to get in the store, the amount of people in the store made it un-shoppable. Plan C.

Market by my house. At this point, all I wanted was broccoli to cook with my steak I had in the fridge. The ONE thing I had. So I walk into the overpriced market only to find: they were out of broccoli.

que meltdown.

I said eff this and walked to order a falafel. #majorfail

All I wanted was a car, a grocery store with a parking lot, and a store that is so spaced out that I am the only person in an aisle.

I guess I will save that for trips back home.

So yesterday I signed up for a delivery service. And got my groceries delivered this morning right to my front door. It is not ideal, considering I like to pick out my produce, but gosh darnit if I ever try three grocery stores again.

And for your viewing pleasure, Trader Joe's at Union Square:

[These aren't from Monday, as you can see the winter coats. But this is what it looked like. Promise]

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