BUNCO night.

Let's all be honest here. Bunco is for old ladies. Which is why it is perfect for me. I'm really just an old lady suck in a [almost] 27 year old's body.

My mom plays with all her girlfriends every month. This month they went down to the beach for the weekend and played there. Which just sounds lovely. So I corralled all my girlfriends up here to play a game on a Thursday night. Most were skeptical. But it was so much fun.

Only requirement: Bring wine.

We ordered pizza. Caught up. Listened to crazy girl stories.  Like, stories of girls being crazy.

After a 30 minute direction explanation [should have started the wine AFTER that], we started. The first round was a little iffy, and they assumed it was rigged since I rolled a BUNCO, but after that, they loved it. Even got a request for next time.

After a LONG work week, I was kind of dreading going. I just wanted to put on lounge clothes and veg in front of the TV. But I am so glad I pushed through it. Girl time is important.