Accidental Ab Class.

If you were to ever accidentally walk into a work out class, I think an AB class would be the worst possible one.

Especially after a killer spinning class.

If only it had been the Pilates Mat class I had anticipated. But no. I was stuck crunching, bicycling, planking, and dying. Slowly.

But it was kind of worth it after I survived.

The spinning instructor was Australian and it took me a good 20 minutes into the class to figure out what he was saying. Yelling Australians sound really different than the attractive talking ones.


I went home and watched some LOST. Almost done with season 2. Seriously amazing. But my cord that I use to watch my computer on my TV, has started sucking and not working. And watching on my computer just makes me feel like I'm at camp. So I took a leap of faith, and crawled under my bed to find the cable connection, and plugged in my TV. Thinking, I don't pay for cable, why would I have channels??

Well, folks, I did. I have the basic channels in HIGH DEFINITION. Pretty sure I did a happy dance for 20 minutes, whilst standing with my mouth open. Granted, it's just NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS. But those are really the only channels I need. Back to watching TODAY in the morning.

Am I the last to know about these free channels?? I'm saving $70/month by just paying for internet. Totally worth it.