Superman that Ho

This one day last week I went for a run with my sister. I wanted to run longer than I have ever before. And I knew having my sister there would help. I had hit a wall before, maxing out at 40 minutes. I was better than that. So we set out for 60 minutes. Woah, 20 minutes longer?! Am I crazy?

You know that answer. Yes. Doi.

So I planned out our run. My favorite trail in DC. I am living it up while I can.

As we were running by Roosevelt Island, I wanted to take the detour. A trail I have never run before. Probably because I am hyper sensitive to the idea of getting kidnapped while running in the woods. Alone. Just doesn't sound like a good time to me. So I avoided it. Anyway, last minute decision was to run the island trail.

Around minute 10...I supermanned to the ground.

One little tree root took me down. All the way down. Like hands in the air flying and then crashing down.

Scraping BOTH knees. Dirt all over my precious lululemon pants.

But I was determined to finish this run. So for the next 50 minutes I ran, probably a little limp-y.

I finished it though. And it was the most satisfying feeling ever.

Up next: 10k. Kill me now.

This post then led me to google search people falling. You're welcome.