Sister Weekend

Five posts in one week. *Pat on back*

This weekend my sister is coming to town. This trip was originally planned so we could attend the annual Gold Cup horse race in VA. But, with the impending move, I felt the weekend should include all things I need to do before I leave town. And by do, I mean eat.

You see, Gold Cup is a day long event located in the fields of VA. It's a grand time. But, you usually come home blacked out. Which is great, unless you have like five restaurants on your to-do list.

Sister and I have found the best gems in the DC area. They aren't your typical high-end, fancy places. They are just regular places mostly. And every time she has come in town in the last year, we hit those places up. NOW, I'm moving. And that won't be an option in a week. So we have been planning our itinerary around food places. It'll be filled with non-Paleo goodness. Our bellies will hurt by the end of the weekend but who cares. YOLO.

bahaha. I can't believe I just said that. But it applied.

So on the list:
Cafe Rio - Sweet Pork Salad
Raku - Sushi and Noodle Soup
Rocklands BBQ - anything and EVERYTHING
Potbellys Sub - probably breakfast
The Chicken Place - Chicken Sandwich

Good thing she is here Monday too. We've got a lot of eating to do. I am salivating just thinking about all this.

So if you follow me on Instagram [which you should], you will be seeing a lot of food and a lot of pictures of sister and me!!

we are besties.

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