I thought about calling in sick today but I can't really justify being out half of Monday, half of yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow during my last week of work. They'd be pissed I think. Actually, I know they would.

I planned it all out though.

Put on my best dress, curl my hair, smear some red lipstick on and head to the National Mall to catch his eye. Then he would ask me to follow him on the rest of the US tour, which I would, and head back to the UK with him. Where I would become best friends with Kate, obvi. I'd even babysit for them. Nice sister-in-laws would do that.


Sharing clothes with Kate? Hanging with the Mrs...I mean the QUEEN.

Anyway, that isn't happening today like I envisioned. Instead I am sitting at a computer getting a nice technology tan. While my apartment is all packed up with the boxes by the door ready to be loaded up.

After bitching about how small my place was yesterday, a co-worker sent me this video. Which instantly turned into my dream home.

I requested a price quote for the bed....$4000. SO I think I have some saving to do. But it'd be so worth it!