Back in January I started my training schedule for the half-marathon I am doing with my sister. I wasn't a runner. I actually hated running more than I hated getting sun burnt on the first day of a beach vacation. But, it was a 2013 goal to better myself. So I committed to it. In April, Crystal City has a 5k race series on Fridays. Seeing as I completed my 5k training, it was time to sign up. Insert huge sigh here.

I registered for the whole month series. Which, was a great idea before I started travelling to NYC, Naples, and Tallahassee all within in two weeks. So I missed two, but the other two were worth it.

April 5th: First 5k since starting running. My time: 32:31. I was so impressed with myself I couldn't believe it. I set a goal to run under 11 min miles. And I accomplished that.

April 26th: Second 5k. My time: 31:40. Almost a whole minute faster. That is called progress people. I think it had something to do with training. Who knew?

So I decided to do #5kFridays all summer. Probably not EVERY Friday, but at least once a month. Just so I can track my progress. Because I don't want to be running 11 minute miles for 13.1 miles. I want to be running 9 minute miles. That is a 26 minute difference. You can bet your bottom dollar I don't want to run an extra 26 minutes.

That'd be foolish to run that much longer.

Up next: #5kFridays NYC style. Who wants in? They have SO many fun runs and races. I can't wait.

Also a 10k. That one I am a little scared about.

My other favorite part about running is the awesome pictures I get to take:

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