The new Whitney.


New readers. Old cheeriosandbeer readers. Everyone.

I wanted to "re-brand" my blog in effort to really capture my life these days. Since going paleo a year ago, the whole "cheeriosandbeer" thing is almost obsolete. I mean, I LOVE beer. I still drink it. But a LOT less. Cheerios are, however, no longer part of my diet. Alas, bitofwhit is born.

It provides me a lot more latitude to talk about what is going on NOW in my life. What I eat, where I live, and my half-marathon training progress. All things I know you are interested in. Don't worry, I will still bring my humor. Doi. I can't go anywhere without that.

I also am working on my capitalization, full sentences, and normal everyday grammar. I think it is important, considering I am on the OTHER side of 25.

I'm SO excited about the new blog. I worked on the design myself, and updated the template all by my self. Well, with a couple pointers from my bestie Kristen, but mostly alone. So, please be impressed. I hope the new blog will also give me motivation to blog more.

HOWEVER, don't expect TOO much within the next couple weeks because I am moving. Moving cities.

More on that tomorrow. :)