Just to be clear, I NEVER thought I would be living in NYC. I think I have actually said "I hate NYC" more than I have said "I love NYC." A couple people can attest to that. The last couple of visits to the city to see friends were great. I love them. But, NYC is A LOT. It's a place where your dinner reservations are at 10PM and your brunch reservations are at 2PM. You and I both know, I like to eat, and sleep. Eight hours a night and three meals a day is preferred. So when I started looking for another job, NYC wasn't on the radar. Until I found this amazing opportunity...location: NYC. damnit. So I applied a couple weeks ago, participated in my first FaceTime interview, and traveled up there for a final interview. And somehow, I got the job! I am so excited. But I am extremely overwhelmed with everything I need to get done in the next two weeks. Two weeks, that is how long I have to move. I am lucky to have great friends up there to help me out. 

This is a new chapter in my life. It's exciting AND scary. But all good things include taking risks. That's what THEY say anyway. 

So, I hope you are prepared for a lot of updates about apartment hunting, moving, and new NYC life. Maybe I will get some use out of that fancy camera I have, that's currently collecting dust.