empty nesters. WARNING.


i mean, this week has been a mess.

luckily it started off at home. like tallahassee home. with my family. i planned on surprising my mom with the help of my mom's fiancé. it was the best thing ever. almost every day my mom asked when i would be coming home. i avoided the question every time.

so saturday morning i got up at 4:30 AM to get a ride to the airport. and i touched down in tallahassee at 9:30.

i called my mom on the way to the house. she was telling me about her plans for the weekend. bwahaha. she mentioned she was laying out in the backyard getting some sun.

apparently that meant topless. i guess when you're an empty nester, no need to worry about things like that. so, my friends, if you plan on surprising your parents, make sure they are inside and not nekkid.

it was so hilarious. she was so shocked.

picture moments after the surprise!

the rest of the weekend was filled with paleo pancakes, tequila lime steak [recipe coming soon!], running the rolling tallahassee HILLS and trails, and family time. it was so great.

i love how i have learned to appreciate family time more as i've gotten older. i rarely care about seeing friends when i'm home. funny how that works out right?

then i had to go to naples for work monday night. rough life. staying at the ritz. 92 degrees.

but my one day in naples turned into three. good thing i planned for the worst and packed enough underwear. i also only brought jeans. in 92 degree weather. not the brightest idea. you'd never know i was from florida.

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