2013 goal update.

wednesday. that bitch of a day that says it's almost friday. but not yet, bitches. bwahaha. 

i hate that wednesday.

i've been crushing my 2013 goals. so an update for you, since we are one quarter of the way through. right?

1. run a half marathon. 
welp. this is happening. sister and i signed up for a half marathon for labor day weekend. i picked the latest one in the year to give me enough time to train. because going from ZERO miles to THIRTEEN POINT ONE takes a lot. so i charted out a eight month training plan [5k->10k->half marathon] and i have been sticking with it. except for a couple mondays that i just didn't have it in me. since i haven't done races before, i wanted to get some under my belt before the big day. this month i signed up for a 5k every friday. i set a goal of 33:00 minutes last week. and i crushed it. 32:31. for my FIRST ONE!! go me. so this week i will work to beat that.

2. pay off my debt. 
the worst one. i have been doing OK. but not great. i did so good in february but tanked in march. it's manageable but it isn't zero. but i have paid over 2500 dollars just this year. so that is pretty good right?? i need to be a little more strict on the eating out. because i have not purchased one item of clothing this year. it's those dumb chipotle's and cafe rio's calling my name. damn them. damn them all.

3. paleo. lots and lots of paleo.
i'm in the midst of another whole30 but i have been sticking to the 80% paleo mantra since the beginning of the year. and those 20% of tortilla chips, naan, and cream cheese on bagels were so worth it. it is really crazy how making such a life change and sticking with it for so long [may will be ONE YEAR] really changes your outlook. it helps to have my family, friends, and blogger friends all doing it too.

4. getting back to church.
i won't bring religion to this blog. because ain't nobody got time for that. but most sundays that i am in town, i've attended. and i love it.

there is a 5, 6, and 7 but those are personal. and you guys don't know me well enough to hear them :)

have you reflected back on your 2013 goals recently?

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