wine tour with strangers.

remember that time i met up with michelle late at night at a bar? and her boyfriend thought i was a murderer? because all murderers sit on the interweb and search out unassuming bloggers and ask them to meet for drinks in a public area. logical right??


so back in october when i met michelle, she told me i should drive 6 hours to join in on a wine tour through NY. maybe not all through NY but i sure felt like that was the case. it was just around one of the ELEVEN finger lakes. side note: why are they called that? you only have ten fingers? and they aren't clustered like a hand. they look like witches/harry potter's wand. see:

anyway. i don't know which lake we were around but just pick one. so after a NY bagel and coffee, we set out on our journey. mind you, i only knew three people on this tour of 18. also, as you know, i am a pretty likable person. especially to strangers. so i felt pretty good about it. even after i was warned that i probably wouldn't like one of them. the phrase "i hate her so much" was used to describe her. at first, i didn't see what they were talking about. she was ok. not someone i would sign up to hang out with. but who cares. there are lots of people like that. 

well. things change when beers are chugged between WINERIES and stripper poles are danced on. HER NOT ME. 

after telling her i met michelle through blogging this happened:

bia: wow. i wish you told me that earlier.
me: why?
bia: so i could make fun of you longer.

on the bus ride home it was requested for me to sit in the front next to a hilarious individual. so i did. but also next to HER. side eye.

bia: wow. i didn't think you had it in you. you know, to sit in the front of the bus with the fun kids.
me: why?
bia: you know, because of your bangs. 
me: what does that even mean?
bia: you can figure it out. 

WHAT? so for the rest of the ride home i stared at her mustache. karma is a bitch. 

i posted too many pictures on instagram to repost here. oh, you don't follow me on instagram? #lamesauce. 

in other news, the wine was delicious. the other company was amazing. and michelle's dog almost licked me to death. and her bf didn't get murdered as expected. 

she did a real recap here.

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