spoiler: biggest loser

if you clicked, then you are giving up your right to bitch that i ruined who won the biggest loser for you.


that happened.

go girl.

i will be the first one to admit that the slide-on sandals make me want to gag everytime i see them wearing them. there HAS to be another flip-flop option they could go with. slide-on's went out with the snap pants.

anyway, she lost 121 pounds. she beat out jeff by ONE POUND. that's like a carrot.

not saying i love the faux-hawk she had going on, or the orange glow, but she looked amazeballs.

she convinced me to give up sugar. for 30 whole days. excluding vodka and fruit/veggies. i then convinced michelle. because i have to have someone else miserable with me. who else wants to join?

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