irrational fears.

i've got so many of them it is disgusting. i was told the other day how insane i am for all the things that i fear. which, i think is quite rude. anyway, it got me to thinking. that i can't be the ONLY one with a plethora of irrational fears.

so i googled "irrational fears" and i found out, i AM normal.

take a sec to read these: buzzfeed

those are all valid and normal.

i know when i come home i immediately check behind the shower curtain, under my bed, and in every closet. because i am the ONE they want to kill.

hey, i live alone. [said in Si's voice]

for reference. in case you DON'T watch DD
i also fear EVERY time i am in the kitchen cooking i will slice my finger/hand/toe off and faint from seeing blood and bleed to death. with no one to find me. 

what about when you're in the shower? what if i faint, hit my head, and drown?

i have a couple other ones that i have shared with my mom and she told me i am not allowed to talk about them anymore. apparently talking about how i am going to die "just isn't OK."

so please. make me feel more normal. share yours!

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