christmas vacation sled.

so here we are. on the eve of "snowmegeddon part 2" just waiting for the snow to come. and dear baby Jesus i hope it comes. i hope it comes as expected. 8 inches. i hope it covers this beautiful city in white blankets as i curl up in my bed and skip work. cover my head with my pillow and drown out the alarm. and then put on my snow boots, that haven't gotten any wear this season, and sled. like christmas vacation sled.

then i would come back here and heat up some hot chocolate and sip it by my imaginary fireplace. on my bear rug. watching house of cards. because i am straight up addicted to it now. i have seen 7 episodes in three nights. 


it hasn't even start snowing yet. 

which means, i'll be getting up at my normal time to get in the shower and get ready for work. sit at my computer for 8 hours and pinterest and read blogs. while the rest of you get to sit at home and play in the snow. well some of you.

i asked chels to do a snow dance for me. she did. so if it doesn't snow....she's to blame. but the forecast is looking pretty good. 

i'm off to bed to dream about snow. please do your part and join in. 

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