you get what you ask for.


a couple weeks ago i joked to my friend about how i wished i caught her stomach bug. for vanity reasons obviously. seth even joked about that last night.

anyway. i caught a stomach bug. which i remembered instantly how terrible those are.

i had to cancel all of my weekend plans. why couldn't this have been during the week?? i've got sick days i could be burning.

i did manage to get a trip to the mall in though to visit with erica. my long lost neighbor. i had to try a bridesmaid dress on before purchasing. and i attempted to eat lunch. that didn't work.

upon return to my car...i realized it was missing. and by missing, i mean i was lost. if you have been to tyson's mall before you know how many parking garages there are. like 100. so i freaked. a little. or a lot. trying to remember what store i walked in first. that fails me. i remember where in the garage i parked. just not WHICH garage.

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so after my panic attack subsided, i decided to calmly walk the garages and find my car. pressing the lock button hoping i hear my horn...obviously.

thirty minutes later i find it. never have i been so happy to drive out of a parking garage. i could have been stuck there for DAYS. DAYS i tell you.

i also made it to see side effects. it was freaking amazing. you need to see it. for realsies.

the oscars? i didn't think it was that boring. i thought seth was kind of hilarious. everyone on fb was saying how boring it was...aren't all award shows boring? at least ted made an appearance. but yes, anne looked like she was going to prom. amy adams NAILED it. jessica chastain is gorgeous. and george clooney is tired of the 'old guy' jokes. folks, he is still sexy.

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