rocky style.

i am sure i am not the only one to envision this feeling when running. i have been sticking to my goal of half marathon training and let's just say i'm rocking it. [pun intended...haha]

sometimes, or most times, i am running down the road and passing other runners and i get the urge to high five that normal? it's like, i know i want a high five for not stopping...why wouldn't they? i'm thinking i am just going to start doing it and see what kind of reactions i get. i am sure they will be priceless. 

someone smart somewhere said that it takes three weeks to break a habit. or form one. and they were kind of right. i'm six weeks in and i don't hate it. i still want to quit in the middle sometimes, but i don't. because i am that strong. and motivated. i know. you're proud. me too. 

i even went to lululemon to buy some pants this weekend. and if you shop there, you know. you know that anything you put on in there makes your booty looks amazeballs. i'd pay $92 any day for a nice booty pant. i know you would too. 

RUN:Pace Tight
i skipped the gym and went for an outside run last night. and these pants are as awesome as the salesladies claimed. 

who wants to come to VA to run and high five with me??

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