i know i am hard headed. i'm stubborn. i never ask for help. even when carrying 8 ikea boxes that weigh more than two horses [see what i did there?] tied together. i refuse to go to the doctor when sick, let alone take any sort of medicine.

so when i started getting blisters on the bottom of my feet after running, i assumed they would go away on their own. that was about 6 weeks ago. then two weeks ago i started limping when walking. i called it swag. it actually felt broken. i assumed that too would heal with time.

anyway. last night i was back to the training schedule. i gave up on the treadmill since it is so damn boring. i have been doing a nice little route through georgetown. at about the 2.5 mile mark i decided i was done with this shit and ran to the running store.

i showed the running gurus my injuries and they gawked. how could you run like this for weeks?! didn't you get fitted for these shoes?! no OMG! you started running without getting fitted for shoes? do you want to be crippled?

you get the point. i was dumb. they were right. that rarely happens.

i convinced them to fit me for shoes even without a debit card in my pockets. i was WAY off on the shoe selection. something about over-pronation. causes crippling pain. you might need amputation. i kid. not the last one.

i try on seven pairs of shoes. sometimes two different ones at a time. ran on the treadmill with a camera on my backside. i'll be sure to confiscate those videos. and i walked out of there empty handed but with a pair on hold. luckily, they were the most expensive ones i tried on. luckily.

then i stepped in dog shit.

you appreciate the close up? i wish you could smell it...
common courtesy to pick that shit up. it's also the law where i live. #rude

so learn a lesson from me. go get fitted for running shoes before running. your piggies will thank me.

off to NYC this weekend. let's hope my wallet comes back with money in it. but i'm not holding my breath.

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