the most fun challenge ever.

you know what makes the dinner hour go by quickly? [besides chugging beers?]

executing a challenge.

the scene: shaw's tavern

the people: my new best friend dyle and i

the mission: spy on another person's date because you know them.

a little back history for this challenge. my friend used to date this guy. she moved across the country. he keeps telling her he is going to move there too so they can be together. read: he is a liar. so anyway, when i spot him on a date sitting less than 5 feet from me, i snap a pic. but i only could see him and not her. so when i passed this picture on to said west coast friend, she asked for more. and more she got.

i didn't want to get spotted so dyle quickly stepped in. who could turn down a stealth mission like this? first we try to capture her image in a mirror. failed. then he walked to the other side of the bar and captured her SJP red hair perfectly.

once these images were passed on, west coast sent them to him. best part. #caught

he tried to lie and say they were friends. but the over abundance of touching, that i confirmed, proved him wrong.

even though the food was FANTASTIC [later post], the mission was far more entertaining then talking about our futures. because we all are mad here.

i can't post the picture here because the guy is a little famous. and i respect people enough to not do that. 

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