nothing to add.

let me first put out there....i love my friends. LOVE. couldn't live without them.


this past weekend we were all in LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS [yes, this place does exist] for a best friends wedding. after the wedding we all [minus the bride...brown chicken brown cow] went back to the hotel bar to catch up. since some of us were in the wedding, we hadn't had a chance to really chat!

anyway. the whole conversation was about babies, husbands, and fiances. now, i love a good baby. and i love their husbands. but it made me a little sad that was all we could talk about. and i had NOTHING to add.

i live alone. no baby. no husband. and no fiance. which, to clarify, i want none of these things right now, but made me realize that friendships REALLY change with age. we went from being the most fun group of girls in college with all conversations starting with "so does anyone know how i got home last night?" to a conversation that starts with "i was wearing my nice jeans when she threw up."

so i'm asking you....i'm not alone right?

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i know once we are all in the same stage in our lives, it will get back to normal. but for now, i'll just smile and nod, and thank the good Lord i don't have a baby yet. :)

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