it is thursday. not friday. :(

i've been trying to come up with some good and interesting things to write here but i have [obviously] been lacking. so i figured i would just give you some pictures. a couple words. and a little update.

my hollywood pic. leaving the bridal luncheon in LITTLEROCK, AR

my frennssss. bride in the middle. doi.

bride and groom. aren't they gorgeous/handsome?!

finally started on my t-shirt quilt made from all my sorority shirts. i'll keep you posted on this one. it might be a snowy weekend project this weekend. 

it's snowing. i'm bundled up. 

middle of another whole30. this is the third one. they get easier and easier. i guess it's because i eat 80% paleo in between. that's the secret kiddos. 

should have asked for the snow to come on the weekend...grrr.

so other than a whole30, a wedding, snow, and a bunch of selfies, i'm pretty boring. oh yeah...and i am saving a shit ton of money not eating out. i have already contributed $1200 to my 'pay off my debt fund'!!!! *pat myself on my back*

i have not eaten out [besides the wedding weekend] since JANUARY 4th. that is impressive people. 

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