blueprint cleanse. IMO

i’m all for a good cleanse. probably the reason why i do paleo. to feel good. doi.

but here is my opinion on the blue print cleanse.

1. it is expensive. you all know that. i get that cold pressing [not sure i know what that is] 7lb of kale into one drink is expensive. kale is expensive. so the price i get. and honestly, if you tried to buy everything you needed to juice, you’d be above $200$ i bet. so if you want to do a juice cleanse, the price is comparable.

2. the juices aren’t THAT bad. to break it down:
green juice: this is the base of their cleanse. on the basic cleanse you drink two a day. and it goes up from there as you get more intense. this one is not that bad. a lot of people don’t like it. but the ingredients are pretty typical for a green juice. the one thing i didn’t like about it was the parsley. something about that made me not like it.
gold juice [P.A.M.]: this one is good. mixing pineapple with mint?! who knew. adding in the apple just added more sugar in my opinion. pineapple is pretty acidic so they had to counteract that, but it was too sweet for me.
yellow juice [spicy lemonade]: this one is GOOD. my second favorite. again a little too sweet for me, but i stopped eating a lot of fruit a long time ago so everything is sweet. but the kick from the cayenne pepper is the bomb.
red juice: you should know what this one tastes like if you eat beets. it tastes like beets in a cup. a little dirty. i don’t mind beets so i didn’t really have a problem with it, but i can see some people not liking it AT ALL. so take that with a grain...of dirt. :)
white juice: sweet baby jesus. if this juice wasn’t in the cleanse i wouldn’t have lasted the first day. this tastes better than a milk shake. mmmmm. so good that it might be worth spending $12 occasionally for a treat. like for reallllssss. you should at least just try that one.

3. like i mentioned earlier...most of them were wayyy too sweet for me. i’m more of a savory person, so sweets can normal just pass my by. while eating paleo, i usually stick to a banana or an occasional berry. so the sugar in all the apples and pineapples were too much. each drink had over 20g of sugar. yes, even the green one. [i think. i’m going off memory...sorry]

4. sleep didn’t really change. actually it worsened. i attribute this to the sugar. i stay clear of any sugar after 5PM or else i don’t sleep well. thanks bpc.

5. i wasn’t really hungry at all. i thought i was...but i was just bored and wanted to snack. i did the pre-cleanse like they mentioned, which was a good idea. but really it just prepares your stomach to be a little smaller before you start. which i think was the only benefit to the cleanse. shrinking my stomach from all the overindulging from the holidays.

6. i ran on day two and i don’t think that was a great idea. halfway through i thought i was going to pass out. they say on the website “let’s break the myth that you need to have a bunch of calories to work out...blah blah” [paraphrased obvi] well i think you need more than 6 juices the day before and one juice before the run. so don’t take their word on it.

so overall i didn’t love it. honestly, i felt just as good as i do while doing a whole30. and i get to satisfy my food cravings. like a boiled egg. or a piece of turkey. those were the cravings i was having. not like cheetos or hot tamales. so i thank paleo for that.

so all in all, i would rather eat healthy meals and feel amazing, sleep well, and enjoy food instead of drinking 6 mediocre juices. but some people aren’t paleo. and this will work for you. so try it. that is why i did it. to try. and now i know, stick to eggs, bacon, and avocados.

you can email me if you have more questions. and melissa did a couple reviews too. she LOVED it. to each their own right?

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