another 2013 goal.

out of sight out of mind...right?

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i stopped looking at my credit card statement more than a year ago because it was depressing. i don’t have a shopping problem. in fact, i hate shopping. but i don’t manage my money well. i have a credit card bill that is too large to stomach [for me] and a looming student loan that should have been paid off years ago.

so this year, amongst my other 25 goals [not resolutions!] i have going, i have pledged to pay off my debt and increase my savings. i stumbled on this website last week and it was perfect timing. she paid off two student loans and two credit card bills. if she can do it on a $33,000 salary, i can do it on mine. no, i am not telling you what i make.

so last weekend, i made a list of everything i am allowed to spend money on. granted, some of the items are a little unusual to be spending money on while trying to save; but, in my case, they are necessary. like bridesmaids dresses. they don’t fall into the ‘clothes’ category. they fall into the ‘i am blessed to have friends that want me to be in their wedding, so i will happily buy a bridesmaids dress for you while i am trying to save money’ category. see the difference?   

with this, there are some major changes that have to take place. the biggest one...eating out. that’s a no-go. i don’t do it a TON during the week but the weekends it is hard not to. but that will force me to make some new recipes that i have been eyeing on pinterest.

and going out? meh. luckily, i am over the hump of ‘i’m young and i love to go out and get drunk every night’ so it isn’t that big of a deal, but meeting up for happy hour is fun every now and then. BUT with my newly decorated living room [pics will come..promise], i can invite some girls over to my place for a BYOB night.

i am only telling you guys this so i can hold myself accountable. who wants to join me?? would you be interested if i tracked it on here? like monthly or something?

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