That time...

I bought a groupon for boot camp.

I wish I could return it. Because that means I have to wake up at 530 all over again. And get my ass kicked for an hour before the sun rises. That seems unfair right?

I mean I knew what I was getting myself into. Kind of.

I understood the hour class was at 6AM but I didn't understand the intensity of the class.

I went to crossfit for over two months. And I realize I wasn't a professional crossfitter but I wouldn't say I'm an amateur at working out. I still hate it but oh well.

Anyway, boot camp kicks crossfits ass. I didn't think it was possible but it happened. Take the super heavy weights out of the mix and add in resistance bands. And a shit ton of running. Boot camp has no breaks. You know how in crossfit you have ample time to meet your 1RM and all that?? Well Randy [the slave driver] is apparently the hardest instructor and he gives no breaks for one whole hour.

I have mentioned this before but...I HATE RUNNING. However, I thought this boot camp will help me not hate it as much. 2 miles this morning. My legs are tiredddd.

That being said...I need new running shoes. Mine are old. They might not have tons of miles but they aren't comfortable.

I also was looking into a heart rate monitor watch.

Recommendations people!! Without breaking the bank. The little job switcharoo has me income free for a month. That's awesome.

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