you ever make those #besties via blogging and just wish you lived in the same town??

gah. i do that like every moment of the day.

chels was on the east coast again this weekend but we didn't get our shit together so we missed eachother. but i just felt better knowing she was close. next time.

and michelle continues to exceed my expectations of stranger-turned-texting-best-friend. here is a little insight to our conversations.

and then she goes and gets all sappy on me and sends me a christmas present. like in the mail. LIKE in a BOX.

everything was handmade. except for the bieber cd. she wishes she got to touch that. #gross

and then you have a college best friend that sends you the BEST christmas present. one that is so thoughtful. and one that i LOVE.

and THEN you realize you aren't half the friend to these ladies. but hopefully i can learn from them.

until then i will keep up with the texting and skyping.

and since i was going through my pictures. i have to share two more.

my best friend from high school/life got engaged this weekend. and this resulted.

tomorrow. you should come back for an outfit post. one that my boss would be proud of. #sike

that is a reminder of why i have no boyfriend. 

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