the ultimate blogger weekend. part one.

this weekend was epic.

like meet two bloggers epic.

like meet the blogger i call one of my best friends but never met epic.

yeah. i told a couple people this was happening and they didn't get it. they didn't understand how you can meet people via blogging. and actually believe they are who they say they are. apparently everyone thinks if you have a profile on the internet you are a 60 year old man.

well, i am not. and neither were they. if they were, i mean they are the supreme con-artist.


i had a GREAT weekend. i reunited with a old high school friend who was in town. she is a breath of fresh air around these parts. she is trying to move keep your fingers crossed. i also got schooled by uber [the town car service] and the metro. no happy medium.

lauren and i at marvin's. 
71 dollars in transportation. for a 7 dollar drink. i was pissed. apparently they charge 3 times if 'they are busy.' i honestly couldn't believe it. it was worth seeing an old friend though!!

saturday was the day i met chels. chels and i have been 'friends' for over a year. we talk on gchat everyday. we text everyday. we know everything about eachother there is to know. but we have never met. people think it is weird that i have a friend that i talk to daily and have never met. well booyah people. we have now. and it was everything i imagined. 

she had never been to DC before, so i took her to the monuments, my favorite mexican place, and my favorite pizza place for beers and football. then sunday we went to annapolis for some seafood [and chicken fingers] and sailor watching. 

photo courtesy of awkward blind first date patrons
honest abe.

reflection pool finally fixed. 
gorgeous day!
blogger two meet up recap tomorrow. i can't give you everything at once. 

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