the little things.

it's the little things in life that make things worth it.

it's sister making the trek up here for turkey day. even if my dad couldn't make it and we had to suffer spend the day with my grandparents without him. but i got to spend a WHOLE weekend with my sister. it was like she never left.

just ignore the glazed over look in my eyes. i wasn't paying attention ;)

we ate our way through our favorite places. we walked all of the monuments. and drank all of our favorite beverages at our favorite watering holes with our favorite people.

the best weather we have had in a month!

reunited and it felt so good. we missed the other LINDS though!
i hit the bullseye so many times. winning BOTH games. 
it's ok that the food on thanksgiving might not have been the best food i've ever eaten but it was company that made up for it. in my old age [ha! 26 isn't THAT old. i know] i have learned to appreciate my grandparents. it has taken a little too long. but i am trying to make up for that now.

the spread. i made the appetizer. it was already gone :)
stuffed celery...BEST thing ever. email if you want the recipe. 
it's also this AMAZING candle that i have burning that smells like christmas. it makes up for the fake tree i have up. but together...i can fool anyone.

it's the fact that i had the best first day of work that makes leaving my other one so worth it. the blood, sweat, and tears are a thing in the past. well at least the blood and tears. i can handle the sweat.

i get to wear REAL clothes to work now!!
it's this break room that we have at work. can we say....SCORE?

welcome to my K-cup heaven. 
i took some pics. you probably saw them on instagram. if not, why aren't you following me? weird.

and one for good measure. 
yes. that is me. with hair sticking out. looking like a mustache. #movember #idcapthat

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