pole dancing.

thank you for the awesome support on friday. reason 1 why i came back...you guys are the greatest.

this weekend was full of friends, laughter, and booze. i spent the weekend in nashville, TN celebrating the last fling before the ring with one of the college besties.

remember when i said i would learn how to pole dance?

that happened. no pictures will be shown from this. but i will give you some mental images to take into account.

me. on a pole.

it was hilarious. i had way more fun than i thought it would be. granted i had 2 mimosas, 2 bloody marys and 4 beers beforehand. but i digress.

we learned how to dance 'in da club' and for your man on the pole and in a chair. so it will never come in handy for me. since i have no man and i don't do clubs.

i have some bruises to show my effort.

i will show you some pictures from the rest of the weekend. because we look so beautiful.

if you see something that resembles a male body part in a wand form...your eyes do not deceive you.

you can't even begin to imagine how many motorcycles were there. 

i couldn't figure out how to rotate on here. but this picture was necessary. 

at Sambuca for dinner. amazeballs.

dinner with live music. reason one why you should live there. 

bride to be in the middle with sister and long time bestie.

the whole group at the big band [dueling piano bar...amazing!!]

wouldn't be a bach party without glow sticks. duh
if you follow me on instagram you saw most of these already. sorry i am not sorry.