i'm hungry.

the title will come in a little later. 

these are just my iPhone pictures. i took like 500 on the other one. so that will take some time to go through to really capture the essence of SAN FRANCISCO. but i will tell you. i should be a photographer for the golden gate bridge. that was my specialty. 

50lb bag for 3 days?! why not?
on the way to napa. in bright blue mustang convertible. 
seriously. best. restaurant. ever. #rutherfordgrill
ahi tuna salad. best meal i had the whole trip.
stopped off to get some proscuitto, bread, cheese, and wine for our picnic.  
picnic. best idea ever. 
this was the weirdest thing we saw. public toilet. push a button. middle of the street. i CANNOT imagine what goes on in there. yucky. 
so the story begins. this is me Saturday night. apparently looking hawt. 

so we made plans to go out to dinner with one of his friends from college. so we walk the 2 miles [against his will] to the marina district for dinner. we are on our last street and it was just us. the streets were empty. at 7:30PM. then this guy passes us and looks at me and says 'i'm hungry.' a little weird. but it was dinner time. so i didn't think too much of it. and there are a lot of homeless people in SF so i am sure there are a bunch of hungry people. so we keep walking. then we come up on two girls. one looks him directly in the eye and says 'i'm hungry.' this couldn't be a coincidence right?? so we start wondering...selling drugs? i mean the streets smell like pot. keep walking. we are almost to our restaurant and a guy looks at me again and say's 'i'm hungry.' at this point i am just laughing. we ask his friend what it means [since she lived there for 4 years] and she had no clue. i asked my california friend. no clue. we googled it. nothing. we asked random people. nothing. then i realized...urban dictionary. 

yeah. let that set in for a sec.

so unless i am missing something, where everyone in SF is hungry and likes to tell everyone about it, then these people are really looking for something. i just didn't understand why they would say it to complete strangers on the street. three completely different people to us. 

has anyone else had this happen?? i am baffled by this. 

after a 15 mile bike ride over the golden gate bridge we FINALLY made it to sausalito. 
thank goodness he didn't make me bike back. on the ferry back to SF. 

it was a great trip. seriously relaxing. i will post more pictures later. you will be impressed for realsies. 

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