DIY: Birthday Card

ha. you've been punk'd.

i mean i did do it myself but i am sure you know how to do it without actually looking at this. 

but i was so bored sitting at home alone during #frankenstorm this weekend, i needed something to do. 

and what better craft than a birthday card for my mom?!

made from the only US weekly i hadn't tossed in the trash. 

it was a lazy attempt at not getting a card but as i was making it i realized this was not lazy and really heartfelt. because these are real words that i picked out. for HER. not a commercial card that i bought and wrote in. 

this is real. 

reminded me of school projects. or those diaries you had with your girlfriends. i had a journal with my bffaeaeaeaeae [best friend for ever and ever and ever...] in middle school and this is what we did. i couldn't have been the only one...right??

i found mine actually a couple weeks ago. it is really depressing to read thinking how many crushes i had at the tender age of 13. i mean. comeon. IMAGINE waking up 15 years later married to that crush you had in 6th grade. oh dear lordy. i would be disappointed. REAL disappointed.

then i got to that is a different post for a different day. 

anyway. cut out those magazines and make a collage. it will give you that nostalgia feeling. and that is the best. promise. 

if more than 2 people tell me they too had a friend diary i will post pictures of mine. because it is priceless. like embarrassing priceless.