blogger weekend. part two.

then there was saturday night. the night i met michelle. michelle and i didn't have the history chels and i did. we just 'met.' she's equally as awesome though. she was in town for the maryland v. fsu game and i suggested we go out drinking. and obviously she was game. as was her boyfriend. minus the fact he thought i was a serial killer. i was still convincing him at the end of the night that i would in fact no murder him. non-bloggers just don't get it. 

jameson shots were involved. and by shots i mean half the bottle. they were doubles. i am convinced. 

i picked a bar in chinatown so they wouldn't have to switch metro lines. which turned out to be brilliant considering the 'metro veteran' was no veteran at all. he was worse than the tourists.

anyway. iron horse was the perfect pick with skee-ball and shuffleboard. made the 'i'm still sober and we just met' part less awkward. shuffleboard is hard. but luckily my partner got real creative and brushed some sand works.

michelle also introduced me to the best app i have found in a while.

i'd cap that.

not only is the name hilarious, the app itself is tummy hurting from laughing funny.

blogger friends are the coolest. 
this was the PG one i posted to twitter. 
and the R rated version
and another for good measure.
see. i told you. but be warned that most are not PG rated. something along the lines of 'i'd pork that' might be involved. i don't know how it works but it. is. awesome.

see michelle's recap here

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