black friday deals.

i got this email forwarded and wanted to share some of the contents and pictures. i thought it was really interesting to see how times have changed in the last 70+ years. and in spirit of BLACK FRIDAY and the fucking craziness it has to offer, i decided today would be perfect to show you what a real deal looked like. these are pages from a catalog in 1934.

it is also interesting to see how the styles have come back. except for the whole underwear/bloomer trend. that would be interesting to see now-a-days with your low ride jeans and belly shirt from high school you still wear.

i just bought a pair of shoes...for 80 dollars and thought that was a steal. #fail
if only VS could go back to this pricing. 25 cents for a bra instead of $60. yeah. 

these prices. i mean less than a dollar for a dress. imagine the possibilities. 
yes. i would like to buy some chickens. 
the most interesting part...look at the bottom. BOTH husband and wife are required to sign if the order was over $100. not only would that mean you bought more clothes than you would need for a year but that means your husband has to approve of all of them :(
i hope you found this as amusing as i did. obviously the salaries and living expenses weren't what they are now, but how does it escalate so MUCH? if the trend continues, in 80 years when i am dying i will be paying more than $120 for a bra, $300 for a cotton dress, $80 for a pair of shorts, and i can't even imagine what shoes will cost. how do we stop this?? i think we should start making our own clothes. but first we must start with making our own thread to make our fabric. hmmmm. that seems hard.

hope you enjoyed your turkey day yesterday and got some good deals today! i am boycotting and going to the bar instead. see ya later bitches.

oh like the new colors/design? #unemploymentweek got a little boring. can you tell i made the instagram icon from scratch? that is my favorite. that and the washington monument. 

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