so the whole point of me coming back to blogging was to be a little more REAL to you. and not just this HILARIOUS person you've never met but always wanted to be friends with. but before you hit the back button, i will still be hilarious i promise.

BUT i want to make sure you guys know the real me. and not just this facade. granted, i am not going to tell you everything. because, i just don't do that. but i will act like i am sitting in starbucks drinking a latte chatting with my besties.

my thankful list. [i don't normal like to do link ups or whatever...just because i like to be original. but i think this will be meaningful to me. so suck it if you are judging me for not being my own person]

i'm thankful for gchat. without gchat i would not have the friendship with chelsea that i have. we actually get depressed if we are out for the day and can't chat. or is that just me? i am trying to get krissyggggg to join but she thinks it is some sexual reference and won't join. let's all gang up on her. i also am starting a budding friendship with michelle via gchat. i am the best gchatter ever. just ask them.

i'm thankful for pinterest. currently i don't do shit for work. so i have been LIVING on pinterest. like it is disgusting how many hours i have been on there lately. BUT i have successfully come up with the best christmas idea EVER. more later.

i'm thankful for my new iPhone5.  it allows me to facetime with my friends i never get to see. ones that had babies and i haven't gotten to meet yet. and i get to see the sweet girl.

i'm thankful for skype. i get to chat with my mom and my sister AT THE SAME TIME. now that sister moved, i have to rely on such means of technology to keep up. and make sure i remember what she looks like. what color her hair is. and what she sounds like. the simple things.

i'm thankful for my new camera. it allows me to take time and really see things. that i might have missed before. i don't know about you...but rushing through life sucks. stop. take a sec. and take a picture. you can post it on instagram anyway. win win.

i'm thankful for you. my dear friends. for welcoming me back.

off to the airport.

i won't be here tomorrow or monday. i am turning off my phone, email, twitter, etc. i am on the fence about instagram but it might just consist of #latergrams. :)

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