tomorrow is 7.7.12

my bestie [in real life] and i came up with this idea a while back. and we have been working to get it up and running.

and tomorrow it gets up and runs.

it is going to be something i take a risk on. i don't normally like to take risks. i like to know the outcome of things and this one...i don't. i don't know if you will all throw tomatoes at me. and pull me off the stage with a cane. i don't know that. and that scares me.

but on the alternate side...i've done some market research. which means i asked a couple of you for some opinions. and either you are all too nice and don't want to tell me the truth or you told me the truth and you actually like it. i hope it is the latter.

anyway. i will link up to it tomorrow.

i wish we had looked at the calendar before we picked the 7.7 date and realized it's on a saturday and people don't like to be coop'd up in their houses looking at websites.

but do it for me? or just come back on monday.


have a good weekend!!