that time i forgot to take a picture.

well there are more than just one time i forgot.

but this weekend i was pissed.

i made the BEST meal. and i was too excited to eat it that i forgot to snap a pic.

it involved scallops. seared scallops. perfectly cooked scallops.

i had my sis and a friend over and let's just say they were impressed.

they didn't think i had the cooking gene.

i honestly didn't either.

but they were perfect.

since i can't show you, i will describe how i cooked them so you can picture how amazing they were. deal?

1. go to whole foods and pay a hefty price for scallops. i bought 5 per person. that ended up being a little over a pound. which was $20. wow.
2. take them home and put them in the fridge while you watch homeland reruns to get ready for the new season. 
3. rinse them under cold water. then pat dry.
4. heat up a skillet on high heat.
5. add some ghee [clarified butter] about 1/2 T per 5 scallops. 
6. when it starts to smoke a little add the scallops. spaced out. don't let them touch.
7. cook about 1.5 minutes per side. make sure the don't stick to the pan. if they do, then they aren't ready to flip. 
8. they should have a nice seared crust on the top and bottom. serve immediately. 

how good does that sound??

i had been craving scallops [weird?] so i was excited to cook them at home. and even more excited they turned out tasty!!

you don't have to be a chef to make good food. you just have to have the internet to research recipes. oh, and you have to know how to read. or else the recipes don't mean anything. 

you got this.