you kids.

you kiddos are awesome.

not just because you welcomed me back from my hiatus with open arms but you told me i was a genius when i wanted to play a drinking game via the interweb.

granted. i already knew i was a genius. but thanks for confirming it. means a lot.

so stay tuned for the details. but i started planning it.

also...anyone know how to do a group skype for more than 10 people? if not, then it will be invite only. ha


i embarked on the whole30 challange this month. you might have seen the new badge right over there to the see it?

yeah. well that means a couple things. starting with no alcohol for 30 days.

the bread i don't really miss. surprisingly. considering i ate a sandwich for lunch the last 4 months of my life. but last night i went to two happy hours. TWO. and i drank soda water with lime. which is delicious. and refreshing. BUT not intoxicating. and when you have a bad day you want to get intoxicated...right?

Source: via Whitney on Pinterest

happy friday friends. i'm doing good things this weekend.