sunsets in dc. #winning.

i've been having too much fun lately.

like it has been keeping me up late and waking up with circles under my eyes.

good thing i don't wear makeup and just wear glasses to cover them. boom.


the past weekend in greenville was amazing. maybe if you took the 8.5 hour trek down and 8.5 hour trek back it would have been the best weekend ever. but that knocked it down a couple notches. we did get some good XM radio listening in. the comedy stations??! saved us.

anyway. the city was beautiful. if you follow me on instagram [@whitcole] you'd know that already. there were waterfalls. exposed brick. and cheat wine. but one glass the whole weekend? come on. that is great. so thank you.

last night i explored the city a little bit.

i normally HATE making last minute plans. but i am trying to be a little bit more fun. [ie spontaneous] and it was well worth it last night.

granted i put the whole30 on the back burner but a girl has to drink every now and then. and it was only 2.5 drinks. so suck it.

but look at this.

sweet panoramic. 
i'm such a good photographer.
favorite time of day. esp. on a rooftop.