i like this new me.

i had the BEST weekend.

might have been better than yours. might not.

but it was so great. not better than my lake weekend. but for a weekend in town..it was glorious.

my sister had a friend in town this weekend so i went to dinner with them. at my FAVORITE restaurant in the city. founding farmers. i've been for my birthhday, sister's birthday, graduation celebrations, just to eat, you name it. i want to go there. it was a little difficult to go there and not order all my favorite things [like the most amazing cornbread you ever have put in your mouth, ever]. but i got a delicious burger [sans bun] and some okra. not the most amazing trip there but the atmosphere and company made up for it.

saturday morning i spent on skype. me and bestie worked on our secret project. one that we will be revealing in july. you're gonna love it. i just know it.

also caught up with my best friend here. i guess we are both so awesome that our schedules never work out. but this weekend they did. and boy was it needed. you know you have a best friend when they stick around for 12 years. even through all my crazy moments. we cooked up a storm saturday. well i did. and he helped. i won't throw him under the bus but.... i cooked enough food for a week and he ate it in a day. it is like he is still a growing child. at 26. wtf.

sunday i spent some time volunteering. it was glorious. it had been awhile since i signed up to volunteer for me and not for work.

and i had the most fun i have had in a LONG time. good, wholesome fun. i had the most epic watergun fight of my life. with two five year olds. they crushed me. so i am going back next weekend. and i can't wait.

then i went to two grocery stores and grilled for hours.

this new me. i like her.

friday night. hair tutorial was requested. i might. MIGHT.

post watergun fight. 

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