the book.

so there was a day that i got off Facebook.

like OFF OFF. not just deactivate and still keep all your friends, pictures, wall posts, messages. like DELETE.

thinking back to the time i did that, it was refreshing. freeing. i essentially 'de-friended' everyone. and was able to have REAL-LIFE relationships with people i wanted to. not just read about meaningless status updates.

i was fb free for about a year.

it was hilarious to watch people's faces when they say:

'find me on Facebook.'
'oh i will send you an invite on Facebook'
'i'll tag you in this on Facebook'

and i could respond with:

'i'm not on Facebook.'

silence. jaw dropped.

it was like i was in a secret club they couldn't get invited to. booyah bitches.

then curiosity killed the fucking cat and i got back on the damned Facebook.

and i never signed on. at first.

i have 80 friends. 5 of them i actually requested. and approximately 20 photos.

and then recently...i have found myself checking 'the book' more frequently. reading people's status'. looking through their pictures.

can't we just be friends in real life?!

the main reason i am on there now is so that all my nice friends can comment on how beautiful i am. because that does go a LONG way. i'll admit.

do you think the book will ever go out of style?!

[btw i do miss going through all my shitty college pictures reminiscing. so don't do what i did. just deactivate.]

and in case you missed my eminem moment. here it is. because i heard i have to post a picture with every post.