sorry i've been too busy crossing things off my 'once in a lifetime' list lately to be with you.

sorry i'm not sorry.

i am apparently living the dream.

capitals game wednesday night. playoff game.

red hot chili peppers last night. night one of their greatest hits tour.

i'll be honest with you. i was not pumped. the concert was sold to me as 'i hate the rhcp but the owner really wants to go so i got him tickets and SOMEONE has to go. so who wants to go?'


then i thought. if i did him a favor then he would owe me. genius. i am holding out for something BIG. madonna big maybe?

but today. jokes on him because the concert was amazeballs. litterally. blew my mind.

these guys are 50+ years old and could out dance anyone in our age bracket. not sure if it was substance influenced but who cares. they are the rockstar. they are allowed.

it was two hours full of songs that reminded you of the time when music was good. like really good. not the type of song that is so catchy it gets stuck in your head and you can't get it out of there then turns annoying song. [rack city bitch. prime example] :)

oh and i had box tickets. and a parking pass.

it's ok to be envious of me. because next week i will have nothing that even compares to this. so the tables will turn.

pictures at concerts on iphones suck but here is my attempt.

view from the box
panoramic view

how bombass does my hair look?! i know.

this weekend is also going to be amazeballs.

doing a little worky work. filming a video. ha. making some things. drinking in the sunshine by the water. watching the capitals win [hopefully], spending some quality time with the gparents for mother's day. 

like i said. living the dream.