holtby. i am buying his jersey.

growing up in florida you don't really see a whole lot of ice sports.

granted the tallahassee tiger sharks [circa 1994-2001] played there, but that doesn't really count.

and i am sure you have figured out by now that i like sports more than the average blogger. it resides on the list of 'things i like to do more than going to the mall during christmas or any other time for that matter'

at any rate. i went to the capitals game last night. game 6 in the playoffs.

i know hockey fans are pretty intense. similar to european soccer fans and american nfl fans. but during a playoff?? in your city?? shit gets cray cray.

and i decided the goalie has the short end of the stick [pun intended]. everyone else gets to rotate in and out and he has to stay in the game. the whole game.

but this guy. this guy is a badass. he catches pucks like they are little butterflies. like they aren't coming at him with force similar to a BULLET. he captivated my heart last night.

i also found out that they grow beards during the playoffs. and don't shave until they win the cup. [or lose]. which is great and all. but those beards are not really kept up appropriately. they are a little nappy. yeah?

these girls love hockey. and they also love holtby. he is apparently in engaged [at 22] and has impregnated his fiance. so...no dice ladies.