good day for hair.

i have already seen two great hair styles this morning.

and it is only 8:30.

usually the metro is the best place for such people watching.

i unknowingly sat next to the best mullet i had seen in a LONG time. and i am from florida. there are tons of mullets in florida. yeah, i am not afraid to tell people florida is redneck. i love being redneck sometimes. but only when it comes to bonfires. camo. and mullets. obvi.


this guy had the mullet down.

he had it pulled back into a nice little rat tail. so someone like myself wouldn't know it was a mullet until you got right next to him. the epitome of business in the front. PARTY in the back.

well done sir. well done.

second. should really be first since he wins first place in best hair of all time.

i was without my cell phone or else i would have snapped a pic. but this guy. wow. i would guess around 65 year old asian man. so imagine the salt an peppa look. with the most EXTREME combover i've ever seen. so completely bald on top. with hair about 10 inches long combed over. that created such a swirl. on both sides. i couldn't hold in my laughter. which is rude. but he didn't see me.

and i took this pic a couple weeks ago at the sandwich counter. yes, that is also salt an peppa. these people have it going on.
yes. those are also braids. 


you have a hairstyle that rivals this? do share.