spent luck.

i used to consider myself lucky. not sure why but i was.

i never won the lottery. but i had good luck.

stop asking questions.

so this saturday when i was giving the tours of all tours to my lady friends. a bird SHIT on my head.

in the middle of the national mall.

there weren't any trees around. just birds flying. and they chose me.

i heard it was lucky.

so in my mind i am thinking that my luck will exponentially increase. right?

[can you tell i am studying for the GMAT?]


because not only did the bird shit on my head. but he ruined my personal record of great hair days. you see, i got my hair did tuesday. and continued to keep it looking awesome for those FIVE days. stop cringing, it looked awesome. and not dirty. and i showered. i just didn't wash my hair. my point is, i could have gone another day. now i am back to two days.

reverse luck doesn't stop there.

yesterday, while searching the internet for something to buy [to cheer myself up], i found a nice little desk. emphasis on little. so i sent a little email. got a response and BAM. it was mine. so i begged my sister to go with me. so i wouldn't get killed. she agreed. i bought her dinner and we were on our way.

email went like this:
me: i have a meeting. i'll come at 930. is that too late?
him: no sounds great. see you then!
me: actually no meeting. what is the earliest i can be there?
him: come whenever! i'll be here.

so we get there at 7. i call. he said:

him: 'oh, i thought you weren't coming till 930.'
me: 'no, remember when i wrote you back saying i am coming earlier and you said come whenever?'
him: 'oh shit. well i am an hour away'

sister and i LUCKILY [only luck in this story] found an anthropologie and shopped for the hour.

go back to get the desk. and it doesn't fit. because it is HUGE.

granted i should have asked dimensions but it looks so small in the picture. they had to have been standing on a table on the other side of the room to take the picture.

so we went home desk-less but with a couple cute shirts.

other CL experience here.

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