sequin vests.

florida recap. just a smidgen.

sister and i have lived up here for four years. and i can count on one hand how many times i have flown back to tallahassee.

many reasons account for this. but the main one is the airport in tallahassee sucks. not just because it is small, only has like 10 flights a day. or because it is old as shit.

it sucks because it closes at like 9:30 PM.

that means if you are flying home. and your flight gets delayed. and then they have to cancel it because the airport you are flying to is closed. so then you have to spend holidays in airports and hotels.

so i just avoided it.

well. usairways got REAL smart and started a DIRECT flight to tallahassee. this is huge.

so i guess all my excuses were taken away from me and i went home. for easter.

then the plans changed and we had to go to destin for the night. so the thrill of having a direct flight and not having to travel was over.

we rented a car. drove the 2.5 hours. played chicken with oncoming traffic. ate boiled peanuts. jammed to some tunes. saw an old friend. ate oysters. drank beer. played in sequin vests. scared my gma out of her knickers. ate some ice cream. slept. and drove back to tallahassee. all in 12 hours.

it was so worth it.

i endured the guilt trip from my gma since i hadn't seen her in 5 years? we couldn't remember. so we just guessed.

and i saw my best friend before he moves to hawaii. but luckily. i am going there.

you'd want to go too if you were friends with him. he is the epitome of fun.

proof below.

i bought this for him. the shorts he provided. but they were perfect together.

then we recreated my favorite picture from freshman year. i just wish you could see my eyes. 

good to know you don't change after 8 years eh?

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