i still got it.

my youth that is.

saturday night kicked my ass.

i may have gone to the bar at 2 pm.

granted i was an hour early to meet betsy but i enjoyed my cocktails. thank you.

betsy and i did not have any awkward moments. she was on point. we talked of london and british accents. and her boyfriend across the pond. next thing i know, she is asking her pops to drive her home.

boom. i'm such a good influence.

i keep on keeping on and might have drank an oil can.

aka big ass fosters.

might headed to the bar. drank some more.

and may even danced the night away.


until 2 am.

i don't know how it happened but i realized it was 2 when the lights came on.

i still got it.

i also might have stopped by wendy's and ordered a spicy chicken sandwich [sans mayo]. but i was met with a spicy chicken sandwich with bacon. greatest surprise of the night.

i was also met with a young man [maybe 22?] who stopped mid conversation with his friends to say 'oh. your eyes. you are wearing green and blue. did you do that to make your eyes match?'

you know what i said?


then i might have stayed up till 5 after. dealing with friends. you know, being a good one.

these are all maybe's and mights.

you think i could do all this??

yes. yes i can.

then i was horizontal all day sunday. whateves. i do what i do.

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